Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Falwell is dead

After the Hangover: The Conservatives' Road to Recovery by R. Emmett Tyrrell is, at least, an interesting book.

Politically, I think this book has some insights into the recent blows dealt the conservatives', a term which Tyrrell largely uses to mean Republicans. The writing is gripping, lucid prose that certainly held my interest. Tyrrell has a very quotable way of writing, detailing the ins and outs of a movement that, from the pens of inferior writers, would be parching. From this respect, the book gets high marks from me.

My issue is that I tend to see politics from more of a theological perspective. For a number of reasons, I have distanced myself from identifying myself as a Republican, so this book didn't really ring true for me. I guess I'm less concerned about the intricacies of a movement that, though I often agree with them politically, has not largely helped the cause of Christ's Kingdom. Therefore, in the end, I just didn't connect with this book. I think for most people who see politics through more Christocentric glasses, this book will not resonate.

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