Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beyond Opinion

As with most volumes like this, the strength of the different chapters are varied and mixed. On the whole, this is a very interesting treatment of apologetics that is pretty easy reading and doesn't take a huge amount of time. It's readable enough for most Christians with some grounding in faith and doesn't overwhelm.

That's a bit of an upside.

My issue with the book, and it's really more of an issue with the discipline of apologetics. It tends to come off as a bit arrogant at times. I'm all for the belief that truth exists and that we can know the parts we need to know, but there is quite a bit that requires faith; not blind faith, but a certain amount of trust.

Just when we think we have Christianity systematized and wrapped up neatly, we have entered into dangerous territory. Just because the Holy Spirit of God allows us enough knowledge to produce faith doesn't mean we possess or own it. It remains God's.

So my overall feeling about this book is mixed, but that doesn't mean that some good points can't be gleaned from it.

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