Sunday, April 15, 2012

i am a follower - leonard sweet

I always fine Leonard Sweet to be a refreshing read. This book does not disappoint. Sweet writes in a way that is crisp, fresh and largely free from meaningless cliche and trite sentimentality.

One of the most frustrating things about contemporary Christian culture is its emphasis on leadership that takes its cues from the world's economy. God's economy is so different, and to us, it's countercultural and counterintuitive. Sweet emphasizes God's call to follow - to be followers of Christ, which is really the only way of being a leader in the scope of Christ's Kingdom.

My favorite things about this book is that Sweet proves a comfort with tension. There is an innate tension in the Christian life. We die to live. We become little to become big. We became least to become greatest. This message is vitally important, and because it's not preached with regularity, Christians are walking around in a parched, dehydrated state. Sweet's book is badly needed and preaches the remedy for this predicament.

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