Saturday, May 5, 2012


Redemption is a good read, especially if you are one who likes to read biographies of athletes or who enjoys a good story of redemption.

First, there is lots of insight into what it takes to train for these sorts of things. The day-in-day-out work and character that is required for athletic training is truly inspiring.

Second, and more pertinently, it is a great story about a passionate individual who, despite all his best attempts, found his way into the fold of Christ and full acceptance of faith in the living God. It's a story that parallels the biblical story of a Creator/Redeemer God who is redeeming the cosmos. This, of course, is probably accidental considering the source, but it's intriguing and inspiring nonetheless for the discerning and theologically minded reader.

There were parts that felt a bit contrived, but it is an effective testimony of the relentless pursuit of the Creator. It's certainly worth your time.

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