Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Coming Revolution

This book is useless. Let me get that out of the way at the beginning. It's completely not worth reading.

Before I explain what's wrong with this book, you have to know what's wrong with this author. Richard G. Lee is a particular kind of conservative Christian; he believes that the United States of America is an exceptional entity that has been led with a light from above since the beginning. He's the guy behind the American Patriot's Bible, which is a horrific publication that dilutes the Bible with American nationalistic drivel. The combination is nothing short of blasphemy.

The Coming Revolution is a similarly problematic work that suggests that, since the United States has supposedly always championed a Judeo-Christian ethic, that if we all gang up together and take some sort of stand, we can return this alleged ethic to the forefront of our society.

This work and this author are completely wrong. The United States has never, at any point in its history, looked like Christ. What about some of the other parts of our past? How about the way we got rich off of slavery? What about manifest destiny? Remember the revolutionary war where we killed lots of image-bearers over unfair taxes? (Maybe Christians should organize an army and attack Washington.) What about all the people who have had to die for our ideals? We've done some horrible things in the name of Christ.

The USA was not a decidedly "Christian" nation in its founding and was Christians need to remember which kingdom they serve and be about God's business along the way, not through legislation and political activism, but through living and loving in the image of Christ. I don't particularly want a return to manifest destiny, slavery, and bloodshed.

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  1. I've been reading some of your reviews. I appreciate the insight and honesty you project. Thank you.